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Decision-making (A Better Discussion) – Meet James, Our Main Character

This is the third post in the decision-making a better discussion series (here is a link to the introductory article).  This series is inspired by the works of James G. March. The series’ premise is that normative frameworks that are taught in business schools (for example related to strategic planning*) brush aside the complexity of […]

Decision-making (A Better Discussion) – Meet Our Fictional Company

This is the second post of this series (Here is a link to the introductory one). Through a set of stories, this series aims to highlight the complexities of real-world decision-making, providing organizational leaders with a resource that helps them reflect on decision-making in their organizations / domains of responsibility*. In this post I introduce […]

Decision-making (A Better Discussion) Introduction

As a management consultant (who has worked both externally and internally to organizations), I have been enabling organizations to make better decisions throughout my career. I’ve helped organizations with specific decisions (i.e. building a business case for  a new product) and I’ve also helped organizations design decision making processes (i.e. strategy formulation processes / performance […]