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Decision-making (A Better Discussion) Introduction

As a management consultant (who has worked both externally and internally to organizations), I have been enabling organizations to make better decisions throughout my career. I’ve helped organizations with specific decisions (i.e. building a business case for  a new product) and I’ve also helped organizations design decision making processes (i.e. strategy formulation processes / performance […]

Strategy – You Have to Think It Through (Part-1: the Strategy Choice Cascade)

In this series of posts, I utilize the strategy choice cascade as introduced by Roger Martin in the book Playing to Win (which is coauthored by A.G. Lafley) and a case study drawn from my professional experience to emphasize the importance of integrated, end-to-end think in and decision making in the strategy process. What is strategy? […]

Disruption in the Consulting Industry (Part-1)

In this series of posts  I assess the claims and implications of the  Harvard Business Review (HBR) article “Consulting on the Brink of Disruption“. I follow the line of thought of the article but I also bring in my own thinking and experiences. In this post, I start with a brief introduction of the concept of […]

Organizational Change – Context Matters!

This post examines how non-simplistic approach to understanding organizational change can help improve change management efforts. In a recent paper titled The Rationality Paradox of Nudge Professors Kai Wegrich and Martin Lodge  of the Hertie School of Governance and the London School of Economics respectively, discuss the limited awareness of the Nudge approach to policy making  of how bounded rationality (of implementers) affects […]

Strategy – Hardwired Into Us – A matter of Survival?

This is the first in a series of posts which discuss strategy from a variety of sometimes unexpected perspectives. I am currently reading Sir Lawrence Freedman‘s book titled Strategy. In the first section of the book he discusses strategy from an evolutionary perspective. The fact the chimpanzees (as you can see in the video) can […]