What Can an Alumni Network Achieve?

I am on my way to Washington DC to participate in an alumni workshop with my alma mater; the Hertie School of Governance. I am part of a group of school ambassadors and during the workshop, we are going to brainstorm how we can strengthen our alumni network.

I have always thought that the value of an alumni network lies within the information within; information about opportunities for learning, jobs, meeting new people among etc. I found an article on Harvard Business Review titled The Power of Alumni Networks that makes the value of an alumni network more tangible;  an analysis of investment data showed that investment managers perform up t07.8% higher when they are linked to investors through an alumni connection.

Students at universities tend to build long term relationships as they share a similar “culture” and this builds a solid foundation for an alumni network. The quality of information exchanges in the network is high as it is easier to judge the quality of education (of an investment manager for example) as well more specific information about their personalities and how they performed at university.

Note: This post was written on the 20th of October 2016.

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